Quail with Ancho Chile and Roasted Garlic Recado


Growing up my mom would always make roasted quail for dinner parties. They always freaked me out. With their pink and blue bodies, sometimes with feathers still left intact. I literally thought my parents were feeding us our backyard robins. But recently, I started branching out in my animal consumption, not to mention animal body… 

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Breakfast Mana’eesh Meatza


I’m probably Whole30‘s worst nightmare. I’ve attempted to paleoize every type of junk food known to mankind. Cannolis? Done it. Nachos? Been there. Poutine? Done that. Except when it came to pizza. I’d always find myself making those cauliflower crust pizzas that everyone seems to be so infatuated with. But with a giant disclaimer that… 

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Grain-Free Banana Chocolate Cupcakes with Goat Cheese Frosting


Happy Friday! I realized we haven’t been doing much paleo borderlining around here so I decided to whip up these banana chocolate cupcakes… or muffins? I can’t really tell you whether they’re muffins or cupcakes since the distinction is sort of blurred in the paleo baking world (since we sort of live a lie ie…. 

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Goat Maraq with Paleo ‘Sur’ Grits


This recipe as like many other recipes that I will post, was inspired by the foods  of my childhood at community potlucks. I remember this one fondly – pieces of goat stewed in a spiced tomato sauce and served over a bare-boned cornmeal pudding, or sur. This Somali stew uses a spice blend called hawaash, is… 

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“Salty” Roasted Broccoli with Currants and Pine Nuts


During my visits to Montréal I’m always fixated on visiting my favourite brunch spot in Old Montréal, a quaint bakery and café Olive & Gourmando. Once upon a time, my dream was to open up a bakery – little did I know that living paleo would smash that dream into smithereens… no dust. Anyhow, sometimes… 

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