New Things…

It’s been a while (like 25 months, NBD) but I’m back. I’ve been working on a new project over at Orange Tiffin.

As some of you might get from the name, it’s a blog aimed at filling those tiffins. But not with the usual suspects of daal, chawal and roti. Instead, you’ll find comfort food alternatives and simple solutions to make eating well sustainable and enjoyable, with South Asian flavour.

Check it out and sign up for an email notification for when we go live!

Hara Masala Wings


It’s Friday! Time for some chicken wings! These wings are a nice departure from your typical Friday night fare. They’re a spin-off of one of my favourite Indian curries where pieces of bone-in chicken are slowly cooked in a slew of aromatic spices and a creamy yogurt sauce. This recipe has all the flavour without… 

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Charmoula Trout


I am OBSESSED with Moroccan flavours. The problem is that there’s absolutely no restaurant in Toronto that serves up homestyle Moroccan fare aside from tajines. Don’t get me wrong – I love tajines but I always end up caving and ordering a side of couscous or saffron rice to soak up the sauce. Because of… 

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Talahuwa Gosht (Crispy Sautéed Lamb)


One of the most difficult things about going paleo is reinventing ways to enjoy childhood favourites that hug your body (literally). Some of these foods undoubtedly evoke certain emotions and experiences that would be shameful not to relive. It comes as no surprise that the centrepiece of these favourites are none other than, you guessed… 

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Sticky Apple Cider Braised Short Ribs


Okay, that happened quick. Wasn’t I just prancing alongside watermelons just yesterday? So fall is officially upon us and all the food bloggers are fawning over pumpkins and apples right now, so that only means I copy them, right? I love that I can finally use my oven without turning my house into a sauna…. 

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One Skillet Chicken and Summer Squash


I’ve been wallowing in the despair of deep dish pizzas and regret for the passed few months now. Ever since I decided to go paleo late last year I’ve been going through series’ of highs and lows typical of a recovering carboholic. “Special circumstance” cheats stretch into monthlong feasts of bread, pasta and all the… 

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