New Things…

It’s been a while (like 25 months, NBD) but I’m back. I’ve been working on a new project over at Orange Tiffin.

As some of you might get from the name, it’s a blog aimed at filling those tiffins. But not with the usual suspects of daal, chawal and roti. Instead, you’ll find comfort food alternatives and simple solutions to make eating well sustainable and enjoyable, with South Asian flavour.

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Immersion Blender Mayonnaise & Creamy Sesame Dressing


Is anyone else obsessed with the bottled Japanese sesame dressing that you find in the Asian food aisle? You know, the one with all the soybean oil and fake emulsifiers? I was. And not because of the lengthy ingredient list but because of the mayo. Oh, mayo. I used to have an unhealthily relationship with… 

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Chile Lime Beef Barbacoa


With the warm weather finally here I’ve been trying to spend less time indoors and more outdoors. While I love to cook, this weather generally makes me go into kitchen hiatus mode, leaving the fridge close to bare. One way I try to get around this is by cooking a large batch of food to… 

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Crispy Orange Ginger Beef


Among the countless things I miss, Chinese takeout is somewhere near the top. Maybe I should rephrase that as Hakka takeout, not to be confused with Hakka cuisine of the Hakka people of China. This my friends, is the stomped on and trampled version of Chinese food created by Indians and Pakistanis, very similar to… 

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Grain-Free Herb and Cheese Crackers


During my pre-paleo days I was really whole grain obsessed. I was just getting into bread making when my paleo enlightenment occurred. So my coddled baking stone and other baking tools have retired to the basement. Of all things, crackers were my favourite to make. Compared to breads gratification was instant. It only took a… 

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Paleo Khatti Daal – Sour Spiced Lentils


A few weeks ago I had a serious hankering for some traditional Indian homestyle cooking. That’s bad news for me. Ever since I cut legumes out of my diet I’ve noticed a big difference when I occasionally have it. I won’t go into the specifics but it usually has me feeling pretty horrible the next… 

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Shaved Asparagus Salad with Preserved Lemon Dressing


It’s asparagus season and here I’m late to the party. Not that it makes any difference to me. I pretty much eat asparagus year round. It’s not my fault it’s so good. Otherwise, I’d be eating my weight in potatoes and my canned tomatoes throughout the winter. Shhhh – I know there’s a better way… 

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Paleo Dragon Noodles


I’ve been on a zoodle (zucchini noodle) kick recently. And I realize this is totally unacceptable in the food blogging, locavore community but after a winter like we just had can you blame me? With the weather finally warming up I’ve been making quick meals so I can spend more time outdoors with my feet… 

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Zafraani Raan (Saffron Scented Roast Lamb)


The weather around here has been playing tricks on us lately. One day it has us lounging in the backyard and the next fishing our jackets out of storage. In the food world this means we’re switching back and forth between slow roasts and outdoor grilling. This isn’t a problem for me since I always… 

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Grain-Free Thai Shrimp Toasts


I have vivid memories of what my friends used to bring for lunch in elementary school. There was one friend whose father  would always pack her amazing Cantonese food every single day. It was usually some sort of dumpling soup or a meat and vegetable stirfry with a mound of steamed rice that she would… 

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Five Ways to Make Eggs With Nothing But a Kettle


Last week I left for a five day road trip to Chicago for some time off. In the past I’ve always called off eating clean on vacation but this time I was determined to stay on track. One of the driving factors was how lethargic I would feel after doing so, so much so that… 

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Paleo Ramen Bowl


Have you ever cut through the middle of the grocery store to grab some eggs and passed rows upon rows of instant ramen noodle? I did. One particular cold and drab day, the fridge was barren, the house was to myself and I was hangry. The plan was to go grocery shopping, come home and have… 

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Quail with Ancho Chile and Roasted Garlic Recado


Growing up my mom would always make roasted quail for dinner parties. They always freaked me out. With their pink and blue bodies, sometimes with feathers still left intact. I literally thought my parents were feeding us our backyard robins. But recently, I started branching out in my animal consumption, not to mention animal body… 

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Breakfast Mana’eesh Meatza


I’m probably Whole30‘s worst nightmare. I’ve attempted to paleoize every type of junk food known to mankind. Cannolis? Done it. Nachos? Been there. Poutine? Done that. Except when it came to pizza. I’d always find myself making those cauliflower crust pizzas that everyone seems to be so infatuated with. But with a giant disclaimer that… 

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Grain-Free Banana Chocolate Cupcakes with Goat Cheese Frosting


Happy Friday! I realized we haven’t been doing much paleo borderlining around here so I decided to whip up these banana chocolate cupcakes… or muffins? I can’t really tell you whether they’re muffins or cupcakes since the distinction is sort of blurred in the paleo baking world (since we sort of live a lie ie…. 

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Mushroom, Celery and Beef Bacon Sauté


Every night for dinner I always aim to have two vegetable sides to accommodate my resident picky eaters. One particular night the supplies were running low; not enough mushrooms to sauté on their own and cabbage didn’t sound all that fun.  So far dinner consisted of some leftover roasted chicken and asparagus. I scavenged around… 

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Goat Maraq with Paleo ‘Sur’ Grits


This recipe as like many other recipes that I will post, was inspired by the foods  of my childhood at community potlucks. I remember this one fondly – pieces of goat stewed in a spiced tomato sauce and served over a bare-boned cornmeal pudding, or sur. This Somali stew uses a spice blend called hawaash, is… 

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Shakshuka with Merguez


I don’t know what to tell you about shakshuka; it always always renders me speechless. What I can tell you is that I have a deep love affair with eggs… and tomatoes… and bell peppers — you get the idea. MAKE THIS. This dish is very customizable (cue noise of Tunisian grandmothers cursing). I once… 

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“Salty” Roasted Broccoli with Currants and Pine Nuts


During my visits to Montréal I’m always fixated on visiting my favourite brunch spot in Old Montréal, a quaint bakery and café Olive & Gourmando. Once upon a time, my dream was to open up a bakery – little did I know that living paleo would smash that dream into smithereens… no dust. Anyhow, sometimes… 

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Paleo Chicken Ohn No Khao Swè


At first I was very apprehensive about posting this recipe. There’s so much confusing regional variations within Asia; there’s khao soi of Northern Thailand, laksa of Malaysia, and then of course, khaw suey of the Indian subcontinent. But after some scholarly research (Wikipedia) I’ve concluded that ohn no khao swè  is the mother of all other “khaos”. The… 

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Merguez-i Rapini


I’ve finally awoken from the holiday haze. And I’ve made a batch of this to set me back on track. This dish was born out of pure and utter desperation. Ironically, it’s now become a staple over here, its leftovers being morphed into breakfast, lunch and dinners.  But if there’s one thing I’ve noticed, paleo… 

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